Digital transformation in 2020

Digital transformations are ways in which small businesses can use technologies like marketing, automation and data to remain relevant in an ever-changing world.

In the most recent past, digital technologies are overriding traditional ways, there has been a rise of website technologies, digital marketing tools.
Small businesses have no choice but scale up on digitizing themselves, this can be challenging because of their budgets.

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There are certain tools that a business should focus on when it comes to automation

1. Social media: Social tools like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram offer access to many followers you can sponsor your product and earn lots of  followers

2. Email marketing: Allows you to customize your promotions for your already existing customers.

3. SEO: Having a well-performing organic search for your business websites is a sure bet to bring your customers closer.

4.  Content creation: For the above to work well you need to have the ability to create relevant content for them.

5. Customer experience: the overall customer experience needs to be top-notch, from the way the customers are handled by your employees to the various touchpoints within the digital journey.

Going digital is inevitable in 2020 if you are running a small business then you need to realise the many advantages of the same.

Upon realisation of these benefits, you should start making use of various tools relevant to you, too grow and fuel your growth engine.

With the way, things are shaping up in business, digital transformation is bound to take over. So you better start preparing.

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