How to overcome digital marketing challenges in 2021

How to overcome digital marketing challenges in 2021.

Given the many advances in digital advertising over the years, 2021 is no different. Brands may be overwhelmed by the advancements that 2021 presents, being able to choose suitable channels is top of the list. Reaching the intended target audience with the right content at the right time is still a massive problem for brands.

2021 presents new opportunities to create more effective ads than ever before from new solutions and a wider variety of platforms.

Let us looks at some of the biggest digital advertising challenges and suggest ways to overcome them

1. Increasing engagement among various channels:
Driving traffic over the many channels available will now become an uphill task. Brands must now move closer to what their consumers are and adopt new ways of interaction like mobile messaging traditionally reserved for chatting. A two-way dialogue will increase sales and value, leveling on personalized touch will increase clients and increase sales.

2. People tiring with digital advertising:
After the onset of Corona we saw many businesses move towards digital marketing, the outcome was tiring to the recipients. Thus the need to invent better ways and more creative ways of delivering the content

3. Privacy Issues:
Issues to do with privacy are evolving on a daily basis, the need to discontinue the use of third-party cookies will be on the increase. To counter this brands will need a local approach to understand their target market better

4. Lack of transparency in delivery:
If the use of third-party cookies is discontinued then this could pose a problem in reporting on progress, brands and marketers may have to concentrate on the first-party cookies which they fully own and protect. This will bring more desired results and satisfaction

5. Schooling new digital clients
Clients and brands are cutting budgets for billboards and roadshows to concentrate on digital, this is good news. New clients in the digital space will require a little education on how to delve into this digital space, be it B2C or B2B businesses this is definite enlightenment.

6. Increased Competition
With the increased influx of brands into the digital space, for brands to survive they will require a digital marketing advantage over other brands.  A brand can have an edge by concentrating on quality over volume, more conversations than leads, and analytics. Brands must invest in data and its study and how best to leverage these.

7. Target marketing:
With the many channels and ways available as ways to reach potential customers, there lies a problem on how to properly get to that niche you desire.
Third-party data can offer a way to address this problem with audience building, identity graphs, intent data, and other strategies.

8. Market Saturation:
With most brands advancing into the digital space, at #brinproduction we believe this could be the greatest threat in 2021. The way out is to master a way through a marketplace filled with noise, standing out will be a great challenge in 2021. But with properly researched methods this can be achieved.

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  1. Good read! Well, for digital marketers it’s time to scale up as traditional marketing is no longer effective. With new channels and competition- it makes it easier to target all audiences.

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