What are the effects of PPC and SEO in your digital marketing campaigns?

What is PPC and what is SEO? Pay Per Click(PPC) is a means that allows you to run an ad campaign on a search engine. While Search Engine Optimisation is progressive, you continually work on your site to build credibility on search engines and in return, you get top first-page ranking.

In order to understand the value of both and how the can be used then we need to delve into checking the similarities and differences.PPC is used to drive quick results, it is ideal to run a campaign and test a certain theory or hypothesis. The amount of ads running in search engines is increasing.
These are some of the advantages of PPC:

  • It gives quick results
  • It is a good tool to start a campaign
  • It is a perfect fit for seasonal campaigns
  • It has many different ad formats (remarketing, Google shopping, etc.)
  • It can quickly test a new product or niche
  • It can be used to test a new feature, product design or product reevaluation
  • It can be very, very targeted on multiple media

We are in an era where content needs to reach the right audience within the shortest period of time, With the right mix, you can achieve this. On the flip side, PPC is very expensive to run for a small start-up company.

If you configure the settings right, you can feel the result from launching contextual advertising on the first day, which captivates many businessmen and promoters.


Why do you need SEO?

Anyone who wants s to build a digital business that is long term should consider this method. Purely pouring resources into PPC could solve a few problems but the overall goal of the company and its longevity should be based on a long term solution.

Over time, engaging clients from a free-traffic channel will save you enough money. Rivals who show bad SEO performance will be forced to focus on generating costly traffic and wouldn’t be able to change marketing channels. If you want to learn how to do a basic SEO audit on your side read here

Here are the advantages SEO brings you:

  • As a general rule, the effect of SEO will be bigger than from contextual advertising. However, you need to wait at least 6 months, and sometimes even about a year to feel the actual results; There are no shortcuts to marketing.
  • Search traffic will continue to drive traffic to the website long after you no longer inject financially support to this internet marketing channel;
  • The main plus that most SEO advocates point out is that there is no need to inject large sums in a short period;
  • As you continue to engage in SEO you are also in a process that allows you to tweak your website and have actual organic results.
  • Another general rule is that a functional website should rank well on search engines.

if your website has already entered the top of search results, the likelihood that it will leave the first positions soon is very minimal. So, you can reduce your SEO funding with minimal loss of search traffic and switch your focus to another type of marketing.

So when is SEO better than PPC?

  • When your task is to engage new clients in the long term;
  • When your budget is tight and there is no need to achieve instant results;
  • When your priority is to engage users in the long term;
  • When you are interested in maximizing ROI even after the immediate completion of the promotion

So when is PPC better than SEO?

  • When you need instant results;
  • When you need the projected level of sales;
  • When you need an audience with particular characteristics.
  • When you are working with a huge budget

DIY Photo
Pick your keywords, configure your advertising, push the Publish button and your website is magically in the TOP of the SERPs.

It is almost impossible to single out a leader in such a confrontation since both methods are good under certain circumstances. Need instant outcomes? Set up an advertising and start receiving conversions within the next 24 hours. Are you ready for the long-term development of your project? The best option would be SEO.

The only thing to remember is the following: if you don’t have a clear understanding of the market, it would be more rational to ask for professional help. Otherwise, you risk spending a lot of money but never get the results you want.

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