Website and Memes in 2021

Janet runs a posh garage in her home suburb in Nairobi, Kenya. She has a wonderful website so she wants to know where sales have not increased. Janet approached Brina Production to audit her website and see why sales have not increased.
We went through her page, we noticed she did not have google analytics. We sort to add analytics to her page so that we can see is the clients are actually arriving at her page.

After installing and observing for a month, we realised that users did not go past the first page.

The excitement of creating a website landing page is often in every brand’s mind like Janet’s, in order for Janet to attract her ultimate target audience and in the end have them convert to sales.

The client’s lead to the conversation journey should be flawless, with every touchpoint adding value to the next and hence value addition to your brand.

In this regard, a wonderful We advised Janet that her landing page needs unique features that give her client a good feel.

A website design is both a science and an art. The delicate balance is between beauty and an SEO friendly landing page to deliver both a search-friendly site and one that is beautiful to look at, here are a few things to look at :

  1. Headline:  This is what stands out on your landing page, it should be readable.
  2. Layout: The flow of the website should be easy to navigate, and should be pleasing.
  3. Colour: there is a science to colours and the more a colour stands out the more it is not soothing to the brain and people tend to just move away from the site for such reasons.
  4. Call To Action(CTA): you have probably heard this term many times, it means a call to action after going through her website or landing page what the clients do next, this should be clear as day is to the night.
  5.   Media: These include Videos, Images, Audio & Other Graphics that should well include in the layout. They add value while  Improving SEO greatly
  6. Social proof: These include clients testimonials, reviews, logos and Janet’s location 

It is not easy to get the website right on the first attempt and hence the constant work to improve and add value to the website’s SEO. Keep working to get the perfect fit

Brina websites

Here the what 2021 has in store for Websites

    1. Video:

      A well-done background video will drive and maximum impact on your website. Create a well-done video by never taking away focus from the main topic, make optimised videos reduce the size to 5-10 MB and have good quality videos. This will ensure your video work for you

    2. Good typography

      In 2021 we have an emphasis on fonts and letters that can be easy to read.
      ensure :

      • Quickly scrolled through the page & scanned the major headlines.
      • Reading the bold & bullet text point only.
      • Reviewing the post images carefully
      • Scrolled up the whole page to the bottom before reading.

      With the above, we can notice that reading trends have changed over the years

    3. Minimalism

      We have all heard that less is more, well in website design we are supposed to tell the user just enough to arouse a need to get further information from us and in that light create a customer. There should be a balance between text and imagery for these two main reasons.

      • Load speeds: A well-optimised website should load in less than 5 seconds, the faster it loads the better
      • Improved brain power: This day’s people understand what is going on in less time than before, this can be used as an advantage
    4. Custom Illustrations

      The use of Gifs that are well done to arouse attention will also be on the rise, use of memes too can greatly improve how people relate with your website


We can clearly see that 2021 has a lot in store for matters design. Janet and Brina Production have a long way to go together to improve on all the above, for more information on us visit our website here

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