Why site builders fail terribly

John is a goat milk farmer, after hurdles at work he has decided to venture into goat milk business at his rural home in Nakuru, Kenya. He is looking for a website for his business. John came across a very prominent website builder tool.
As an upcoming business person or a seasoned business executive, John feels pulled towards DIY  website design tools, it is like sirens blurring in his ears, encouraging him to try them.

Every major hosting company has these tools, after all, it is good for their business. At the moment this may seem like a really first and cost-efficient way for John to get a website going, but here is what they will not tell John.

  1. Limiting your code: DIY site builders have limited knowledge of industry standards, the idea is to create a website that brings value to  your brand rather than just a functioning website, these tools do not take this functional consideration
  2. Chances of John understanding the technical requirements after the design is done, like good SEO ranking, good mobile and page load speed are next to zero, it is very important to engage a professional who understands this all too well. Remember the goal of the website is to add value to John’s goat brand.
  3. John also does not understand what is required in the initial design considerations like the value of h1, title and meta descriptions in is a website or which photos need to go where and how.
  4. It can ideally take years of school to understand the workings of a website, so if you want a superior website both aesthetically and functionally. John most definitely requires an expert.
  5. John does not understand that his website needs to load differently on mobile and desktop.
  6. John might not know that his images need to be optimised, that his site homepage should load in less than 5 seconds but ideally 3 seconds.
  7. John may not know that his Url’s need to be SEO friendly, how to make page redirects how clearly put his call to action

In light of the above, here are some of the things that will drive Johns’s customers away and increase the bounce rate on his website

  1. Images and text that take more than 3 seconds to load
  2. A layout with many colours, this will disturb the eyes and hence turn away potential clients
  3. Cheap-looking designs and domains with multiple domain names e.g yourbrand.somewebsitebuildingcompany.com

Should John choose to use a DIY builder or drag and drop website builder, chances are that John will need countless hours combing through the features to try and understand how to optimise and make it mobile friendly at the least.

John should not get scared of the large costs involved, or the huge contracts or the extensively huge prices he has hard this may cost him. At #brinaproduction we make functional websites, that are very easy to use.
Talk to us today by visiting our website https://www.brinaproduction.co.ke or for a no-obligation discussion of your needs

DIY Photo
DIY Photo

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